Left to right: Aaron Landrum (Deloitte), Jacob Ly ’19, Christina Huang ’19, Jenny Xiao ’19, Kevin Lin ’19, Jennifer Rompre (Deloitte)

On February 3, the Jackson Institute hosted the Undergraduate Deloitte Case Competition. The Diversity and Inclusion Case competition addressed issues including education and its current issues. Teams of students were paired with current Deloitte consultants and addressed client issues to judges.

The competition winners were Jacob Ly ’19, Christina Huang ’19, Jenny Xiao ’19, and Kevin Lin ’19. They were coached by current Deloitte consultants Aaron Landrum and Jennifer Rompre. The theme of their presentation was “Investing in Education.”

Ly, Huang, Xiao, and Lin (a current Jackson Institute undergraduate) provided suggestions and data including external reviews of public schools (in this case, in the Washington, D.C. area) and the further expansion of the IMPACT system of teacher evaluation.

Following the competition, a panel of Deloitte consultants spoke on the themes of Diversity and Inclusion, as well as the consulting field’s solutions. Speakers included Jay Doeden (an inclusion leader and director at Deloitte), Tuan Tran (a partner in Deloitte’s Human Capital Consulting division), and Denzell Jobson (current president of the Yale Black Men’s Union and future Deloitte business analyst).

This talk gave the Yale community a critical look into consulting and how consultants can effect positive change in diversity. Discussing issues of inclusion in government, the private sector, and in universities, panelists spoke of their work researching and solving issues of gender and racial imbalance in organizations.

The case competition and panel gave Yale students a chance to learn about consulting and speak to leaders in the field. Students were able to network with Deloitte professionals and increase the reach of their familiarity with consulting.