On November 3, students in the Global Health Studies program traveled to New York City for meetings at the United Nations and UNICEF. 

The trip, led by GHS faculty Catherine Panter-Brick and Cara Fallon, included Yale College seniors enrolled in the Global Health Research Colloquium (HLTH 490). The practicum was designed to provide students with a deeper understanding of democratic institutions, global governance, policymaking, and global health in practice.

At UNICEF, the scholars met with Anurita Bains, Associate Director for HIV/AIDS and Eduardo Garcia Rolland, Early Childhood Peace Consortium, Secretary and Program Director on Early Childhood Development. Students discussed global health governance, democratic institutions for fostering health and peace, and global health and humanitarian work. They also assessed their research progress for their policy projects, which they will develop into policy briefs to be shared with their global health partners and other global health experts as the practicum portion of the course.

At the UN headquarters, Eduardo Rolland shared his decades-long experiences working in international health and development, including diplomacy, architecture, and the history of the UN. Students proceeded on a private tour of the UN headquarters, including the General Assembly hall, Security Council, Trusteeship Council Chamber, and exhibitions on the UN.

Scholars learned about the UN’s work in global health and peacekeeping processes worldwide. Students also gained a greater understanding of international institutions and collaborative relationships between the UN, UNICEF, and international health and humanitarian organizations. 

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