Adam Abram is a MAS candidate at the Jackson Institute of Global Affairs. He comes to Yale as an active-duty, non-commissioned officer (sergeant major) of the U.S. Army Special Operations Command. He has 20 years of service experience and has deployed overseas the last 15 consecutive years—participating in national security related efforts across several different nations and regions. He has led and collaborated with joint services and international teams extensively in combat zones;  however, he has also worked outside of declared theaters of conflict on several occasions—often in close collaboration with partners and allies.  

Adam earned a BA in intelligence studies from American Military University in 2014, and a MA in security and safety leadership from George Washington University in 2016. Recently, Adam has transitioned from an extensive operationally-focused role, to a research and development oriented role. Working in the Applied Technologies Directorate of his organization, he manages emerging technologies through development into final fielding. At Jackson, Adam will focus on U.S. policy as it relates to emerging threats and developing domains; with an emphasis on spaces where achieving competitive advantage is closely tied to national security.