Broderick Turner graduated summa cum laude from Texas State University in 2020, with a B.A. in international relations, a B.A. in French, and minors in geography, history, and honors studies. While at Texas State, Broderick received numerous awards and much recognition for his achievements in his study of French, his activism on campus, and his academic contributions to his fields of study. At Texas State, he was a resident assistant, French tutor, orientation leader, and an officer for the on-campus Hide and Seek Club. A Texan, Broderick calls the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex his home. At Jackson, he plans to focus on issues regarding U.S. foreign policy, diplomacy, and international law. Broderick also has interests in urban policy and speechwriting. He has studied abroad in France and the United Kingdom and participated in the 2019 Rangel Summer Enrichment Program as an undergraduate scholar. In his free time, Broderick is an avid board game enthusiast, a tennis player, language-learner, and a huge fan of public transit and metro systems. Upon graduation, Broderick will enter the United States Foreign Service under the U.S. Department of State as a Charles B. Rangel International Affairs Fellow.