Caroline Agsten is an M.A. candidate at the Jackson Institute. She joins Yale after working at the U.S. Department of State on public diplomacy efforts, including shaping strategic messaging and managing new digital engagement initiatives. Caroline attended Middlebury College, majoring in international and global affairs with a concentration in East Asia and graduating summa cum laude with highest departmental honors. In addition to conducting fieldwork in China for her senior thesis, Caroline has spent significant time pursuing Mandarin language studies, including earning a State Department Critical Language Scholarship. Upon graduation, Caroline deepened her cross-cultural communications experience with her Fulbright scholarship in Taiwan from 2017-2018. As an English teaching assistant in two aboriginal primary schools, Caroline twice received the Outstanding ETA Performance Award for teaching performance, team leadership, and cultural integration. At Yale, Caroline studies U.S. foreign policy with a special focus on the U.S.-China relationship. She is interested in the intersection of national security, cyberspace, and intelligence—and how the bilateral relationship is impacted by these areas.