Chandra Bhandari is an MPP student at the Jackson School of Global Affairs. He is interested in learning about the role of evidence-based policy making in economic development. He graduated from the London School of Economics in 2017 with a bachelor’s degree in social policy and economics. After graduation, he worked as a research associate at Daayitwa and Governance Lab in Nepal, where the research aims to understand the candidate selection and its consequences in the local elections that took place in 2017 after almost 20 years. He traveled to several remote parts of Nepal to interview and supervise surveys of the politicians at district, municipal, and ward levels. The research projects led by professor Rohini Pande and Michael Callen broadly work in generating evidence of Nepal's political and economic transition. Since 2014, Chandra has been part of a network of schools – Bloom Nepal School – that aims to improve the quality of education by providing interest-based education. The school project currently is developing digital learning content to help students prepare for high-stake examinations. Chandra is interested in learning more about how educational opportunities can change the political and economic dimensions of post-conflict nations.