Cole Blum is a first-year master's student at the Jackson Institute, where his research interests include national security, human rights, and democracy. He has spent the past two years on the advocacy team at Human Rights First (HRF), and he plans to continue to serve as Advocacy Associate there in a in a part-time capacity while at Yale. At HRF, he primarily focuses on the organization’s national security and demilitarization work, conducting strategic research and advocacy on issues such as ending endless war, closing Guantanamo, mitigating civilian harm from U.S. military operations, and curtailing the militarization of police. Before joining Human Rights First, Cole worked in government relations at a political consulting firm called Subject Matter and at a nonprofit trade association, and he held internships at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy and U.S. House Foreign Affairs Committee. Cole graduated Phi Beta Kappa with Highest Distinction from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2018 with a double major in peace, war, and defense and political science.