Deanna Johnson enrolled at the Jackson Institute after serving in the Peace Corps in Ecuador as an education volunteer. At Yale, she studied human rights and migration as a Coverdell Fellow. During her graduate studies, Deanna had the opportunity to meet and learn from leaders in global affairs, and she eventually pivoted her focus slightly to study the nexus of racial and ethnic inequality and migration. Over the past two years, Deanna has found several mentorship and growth opportunities through her studies, internships, and extracurricular activities. While working as a teaching fellow, Deanna interned with the Integrated Refugee and Immigrant and Services organization and held board positions with Yale's Black Graduate Network. Deanna also found support in her classmates through collaboration and fraternity, and she spearheaded Jackson's Diversity Equity and Inclusion committee. After Jackson, Deanna will be continuing her career with an international NGO in Washington, DC. She hopes to continue making a positive impact on the world through her professional and personal work.