Ilham Abdelkadir (SM ’25) is a prospective Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology and African Studies double major pursuing a certificate in Global Health Studies. As someone from a multiracial background, Ilham hopes to use her experience hearing personal accounts of the impact of lacking healthcare globally to help alleviate the issue of inequities in healthcare access and knowledge. She is passionate about healthcare accessibility and quality in minority and low-income communities between developed and developing nations, particularly in Sub-Saharan African nations. Ilham is deeply involved in the First-Generation, Low-Income community through the Questbridge Chapter at Yale and the FGLI Advocacy Movement. Through these organizations, and by volunteering at the Haven Free Clinic, Ilham strives to provide resources and knowledge to disadvantaged communities to bring about long-term health care access improvements. She also serves on board for the Yale Muslim Student Association, and is involved in research through the Yale School of Public Health related to improving maternal health education for mothers in Ghana. Through such research, which works to strengthen education of healthcare workers and patients in underdeveloped nations, Ilham hopes to gain a better understanding of how to build programs that encourage healthcare knowledge.