Krupa Hegde (BK’ 25) is a History of Science, Medicine, and Public Health major from Union, Kentucky. Her interest in global health and health disparities work stems from growing up during the height of Kentucky’s opioid epidemic and witnessing its impacts on rural Kentuckians through working at her hometown’s emergency health department. Krupa is interested in primary care access along the rural/urban spectrum and exploring how various communities across the globe develop sustainable models of primary care. Sparked by her work with the Kentucky Student Voice Team in education advocacy, she is also interested in the ways that education policies, including school mental health and nutrition policies, intersect with pediatric healthcare. Outside of her academic interests, she works with the pharmacy department at Haven Free Clinic, is a Communication and Consent Educator, dances with Yale Jashan Bhangra and Yale Kalaa, and can be found drinking lattes at any coffee shop in New Haven.