Lissa Kryska graduated from the University of Michigan in 2016 with a BA in French (summa cum laude) and a BBA from the Ross School of Business (magna cum laude). Thanks to her Arabic studies, Lissa received a Critical Language Scholarship which allowed her to spend time studying in Oman. She has also studied and interned in Turkey, Morocco, and France. During her time as an undergraduate, Lissa stood out as an economics and social science enthusiast, pursuing advanced courses in the field and also serving as a teaching assistant and coach. She wrote for the Michigan Journal of International Affairs and was also a columnist for the Michigan Daily. Upon graduation, Lissa joined Morgan Stanley as a public finance analyst, where she worked for two years with municipal entities including city and state governments, school districts, and public utilities on long term financing solutions. At Yale, she is pursuing a joint JD-MA with a focus on international financial and criminal law.