Odile Mukiza is second-year MPP candidate at the Yale Jackson School of Global Affairs. Odile focuses on economic policy and development, with special interests in agriculture, social innovation and public-private partnerships. She recently worked as a consultant at The Rockefeller Foundation Africa office to shape food systems policy changes that address pressing public health threats including non-nommunicable diseases in Ghana and Kenya and adolescent malnutrition in Rwanda. Odile is currently interning with the Yale Economic Growth Center’s Markets & Development Initiative.  

Prior to joining Yale, Odile was an economic policy analyst at the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) of Rwanda where her primary responsibilities were to advise the Prime Minister and other high government officials on the private sector promotion-related policies, strategies, and projects. She has worked on a wide range of policy and strategy drafting exercises and project implementations, including shaping the needed institutional and legal frameworks to establish Kigali as an International Financial Center. While at PMO, she also facilitated the coordination efforts when implementing a public-private partnership to develop the Gabiro Agri-business hub project aimed at creating an advanced modern value chain with a holistic and commercial agricultural ecosystem of cutting-edge irrigation systems and high-value agro-processing operations over 15,600 hectares of arable land in Rwanda. 

Odile holds a BA in economics, Magna Cum Laude, with international focus and a minor in finance from Texas Christian University. Odile is fluent in French and Kinyarwanda.