Öznur Öztürk is an MPP student at Yale and a Fulbrighter interested in clean energy transition and sustainable development, particularly in developing countries. At Yale, she wants to enhance her understanding of the relationship between energy policy and development in the face of the overarching challenge of climate change.

Prior to joining the Jackson School, Öznur gained valuable experience at UNICEF where she concentrated on humanitarian emergency response, showcasing her commitment to making a positive impact on vulnerable communities. She also served as an assistant policy advisor at the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade's embassy in Turkey, focusing on diplomacy and trade policy with a special emphasis on sustainability. Throughout her studies, Öznur actively engaged in various roles, including interning at the Turkish Parliament, where she contributed to parliamentary committees on trade and energy. As a research assistant, she participated in diverse projects and conducted independent research at the Center of Energy and Sustainable Development. Her research explored the public perception of geothermal power plants, culminating in the creation of a geothermal risk index that assessed the feasibility of installing geothermal plants using environmental, social, economic, and political indicators. Moreover, Öznur is the recipient of the Fulbright fellowship in the area of energy policy as a strong indicator of her dedication and passion to make positive contribution.

Originally from Turkey, she received her BA with summa cum laude honors from Bilkent University, where she studied international relations with a graduation project on sustainable development and governance. Looking forward, Öznur is determined to leverage her education and experiences at Yale to seek opportunities in the international public sector, focusing on promoting renewable energy and fostering development in developing countries.