Pratima Garg is driven to create meaningful change and has rich experience in policy, development, and consulting. An economics graduate from Lady Shri Ram College, she was selected as a LAMP (Legislative Assistant to Member of Parliament) Fellow where she led the research, policy analysis for a member of the Parliament of India and framed interventions to hold the government accountable. She went on to lead state-wide education reforms in a mountainous state in India as a development consultant. Pratima worked with the bureaucracy, education department and stakeholders on the ground to improve the elementary education system. Besides working with policymakers at the highest level and driving effective implementation with the executive, she has ventured into working at the intersection of the public and private by helping build Rocket Learning, an education start-up focused on equitable, quality early childhood education in India. She views education and sports as a powerful means to build the next generation of leaders and is passionate about improving access and quality of the public education system. In the long-term, she aspires to join politics in India, increase women's representation and serve as an elected representative in the future. Through the Jackson program, Pratima plans to gain a strong footing in policy and combine it with effective financial and resource management of the private sector to equip herself for the demanding role. She has also had the honor to represent India in the prestigious Schwarzman Scholars Program and brings a unique perspective on India and China and working in the public and private sectors in these countries.