Pratima Garg is a joint MPP/MEM degree candidate at the Jackson Institute and theYale School of Environment. She is passionate about working on energy access and affordability by deploying renewables and innovation in finance. She will spend the next year at YSE learning about the technical aspects of the energy transition and return to Jackson to combine that knowledge with policy measures needed to switch to cleaner energy at scale during her final year. Before coming to Yale, Pratima worked for three years across the public and private sectors in India. She worked closely with an Indian Member of Parliament, led initiatives to improve the elementary education system in the state of Himachal Pradesh, and more recently helped build Rocket Learning, a not-for-profit, that leverages technology to improve early childhood education. Previously she was a Schwarzman Scholar at Tsinghua University, where she focused on China’s rapid development and how the country is mitigating the resulting environmental damage. She holds a Bachelor's in Economics from Lady Shri Ram College, Delhi University. After graduation, Pratima wants to work in organizations focused on improving energy efficiency and making clean energy affordable, especially for vulnerable communities.