A graduate of Franklin and Marshall College, Yale School of Medicine and the Yale Psychiatry residency and geriatric psychiatry fellowship programs, Dr. Rohrbaugh has been a member of the Yale Department of Psychiatry faculty since 1988. Early in his career, Dr. Rohrbaugh's clinical, educational and research interests were at the interface of geropsychiatry and medicine. He has been Chief of the Psychiatry Consult service at VA-Connecticut and developed the geropsychiatry service and the psychiatry primary care clinic at VA-Connecticut. He was the Clinical Director for VA-Connecticut Mental Health Service Line before leaving the VA to become the department's residency program director.

Throughout his career Dr. Rohrbaugh has been active in medical student and residency education. He has been especially interested in teaching beginning clinicians how to listen to a patient's narrative, identify pertinent data, and use that data to develop a bio-psycho-social formulation and treatment plan. Dr. Rohrbaugh served as the Clerkship Director and Director of Medical Studies for medical student education and as Associate Program Director before assuming the Program Director role in 2008. In 2009, Dr. Rohrbaugh was named Deputy Chair for Education and Career Development, extending his role in education to faculty in the department.

Most recently, Dr. Rohrbaugh has worked to educate Yale medical students and residents in global health and has worked with colleagues at Xiangya School of Medicine in Changsha, Hunan Province, PRC to develop a competency based model for post-graduate (residency) education. This model has heavily influenced the Chinese national model for residency training. He was named the Founding Director of the Yale School of Medicine's Office of International Medical Student Education in 2008. In 2015, having noted the irony that global health education is largely discussed by educators in high income countries, Dr. Rohrbaugh co-founded the Bellagio Global Health Education Initiative with an explicit goal of bringing global health education leaders from high, middle and low income countries together to developed global health curricula that could be implemented world-wide.