Sophie Kaldor graduated from Sydney University with a B.A. (languages) in 2016, receiving First Class Honors and the University Medal for her joint honors thesis in English and German literature. Sophie's thesis analyzed the attempt by Romantic poets to escape the limitations of their inherent immanence in describing the transcendent. Sophie believes this paradoxical attempt to gain a ‘view’ from outside one’s self is also pertinent to the field of international governance and cooperation. In 2017, Sophie joined Aon, a global professional services firm, completing their graduate program in Financial Specialties Insurance broking, consulting and strategy. Since 2019, Sophie has worked as a risk analyst within Aon's Global Risk Consulting division, enabling clients to effectively mitigate asset and liability risks through risk transfer solutions. Her clients ranged across multiple industries, including government, finance and construction. Growing up with relatives who fought on both sides in WWII and grandparents who came to Australia as refugees, Sophie's background, complemented by her own extensive involvement in faith-based communities, drives her support of democratic ideals. Sophie’s exchange year in 2015 at Ludwig Maximilian Universität, Munich, brought this into sharp focus through her volunteer work with the emerging refugee community. Witnessing the divergent impact of Angela Merkel’s ‘open-doors’ policy first-hand intensified her interest in the tension between globalization and human rights. While at Yale, Sophie hopes to focus on the role of narratives and emotions in issues central to international security, particularly countering polarization and extremism in all its forms.