Sophie Kaldor graduated in 2021 with an MA in global affairs concentrating on the role of emotions, discourse and narratives in international security. She begins her PhD in international relations at the London School of Economics in September 2021, where her research will focus on how truth claims are wielded as a form of geopolitical power. During her studies, Sophie worked for London-based think tank the Institute for Strategic Dialogue and as a research assistant to Professor Zoe Chance and Henry A. Kissinger Fellow Claire Yorke. She also enjoyed collaborating with second years to design the (Covid-friendly!) orientation for first year students and volunteering with two Jackson-student start-ups: NewHavenHelpWithCovid and Hillhouse Analytics. Prior to Yale, Sophie was a risk analyst at global risk advisory firm Aon, where she helped clients mitigate asset and liability risks through insurance transfer solutions. Her BA (languages) (Honours) is from the University of Sydney, where her joint thesis in English and German literature won the University Medal.