Zubin Sharma is an MPP student at the Jackson School of Global Affairs. Zubin is also the founder of Project Potential, a community-based organization in Bihar, India, that aims to end poverty sustainably and inclusively in India’s 100 poorest districts. Through Project Potential, Zubin and the team are also creating their eArthshala campus, which they hope will become the leading institution for rural leadership in India. Zubin has been an Acumen Fellow, a N/Core Incubatee, a Dasra Social Impact Leadership Fellow, and a Center for Social Impact Strategy Fellow at the University of Pennsylvania. At Jackson, Zubin is focused on exploring how to build democratic and responsive institutions from the ground up which can effectively enable disinvested communities to grow and thrive. Zubin received his BA and MS from the University of Pennsylvania, the former in political science and South Asia Studies and the latter in nonprofit leadership. He was also awarded the Nonprofit Leadership award and scholarship for his MS.  Zubin has also worked as a Field Strategist with Schmidt Futures through the Act 2 Network.