Enrollment Instructions

Spring 2020 Grade Mode Change

For Spring 2020, GSAS students may change the grade mode of one or multiple courses from a letter grade (H, HP, P, F) to Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory, which functions as pass/fail. Any course changed to SAT/UNSAT will still be counted towards degree requirements. However, note that Honors and High Pass requirements are still in effect. Please contact your advisor with questions regarding your status.

In order to request one of more of your classes be changed to SAT/UNSAT, please fill out both forms below.

GSAS Grade Mode Change Form

Jackson Grade Mode Change Form

Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

Spring 2020 shopping period: January 13 – 24 (final registration day) 

  • Browse available courses on Yale Course Search (exception: The Law School)
  • Use Online Course Selection (OCS) to add courses to your worksheet
  • All courses in your worksheet will be automatically added to your profile on canvas  allowing you to receive critical shopping period announcements.
  • Meet with the Director of Student Affairs during shopping period to discuss your choices.
  • Review your worksheet and remove courses you are no longer planning to take.
  • Submit your worksheet online (OCS) before shopping period closes.
  • If you want to remove, add or audit courses after shopping period closes you must submit  GSAS drop/add form to the Jackson Institute registrar’s office.

Note: If there is a GLBL graduate number (500 or higher) on the course, enroll under that number.
If there is no GLBL number, it is easiest to enroll under another GSAS department number or F&ES number.

School of Management

Spring 2020 enrollment form opens: January 13 at 9:00 am
Please request enrollment for full-term, Fall 1 and Fall 2 SOM courses

  • Email the course instructor and ask for permission to join their class.
  • Complete the enrollment request form (read carefully and adhere to all policies on the form).
  • If accepted in an SOM course, complete the GSAS drop/add form.
  • Email, or drop off, the completed form to Jackson Institute registrar’s office.
  • Drop/add deadline for Fall-2 courses is April 2, 2020.

4 SOM units = 1 Graduate School Credit
2 SOM units = 0.5 Graduate School Credit

SOM has a website where non-SOM students can create a profile and request Canvas access for SOM courses.

Note: You will be billed for SOM course materials distributed in class or via Canvas. The fee is $15 for a 1/2 semester course and $30 for a full semester course.

The Law School

Spring 2020 enrollment: January 13-26
(drop/add period for the Law School)

  • Complete  the Law School Permission form (student, course & instructor sections)
  • Email, or drop-off, the form to Jackson Institute registrar’s office (to be reviewed for credit conversion)
  • Bring the Law School Permission form back to the Law School registrar’s office
  • Complete the GSAS drop/add form
  • Email, or drop off, the completed form to Jackson Institute registrar’s office


Yale College

To receive graduate credit for an undergraduate course, follow these steps:

  • Complete the graduate credit request form
  • Should the course offer discussion sections, you must submit the GSAS drop/add form to add the discussion section to your schedule and bring it back to Jackson Institute registrar’s office.
  • Language courses are the only undergraduate courses that don’t require a petition for graduate credit.
Directed Reading

If you have interests that cannot be addressed through regular graduate-level courses, you may arrange a directed reading or independent project with a faculty member or Senior Fellow for graduate credit. Usually limited to one per semester, these courses may involve reading the literature on a topic, attending a lecture or seminar series, and writing a substantial research paper. It is your responsibility to make all of the arrangements  before the semester begins.

To enroll in directed reading follow these steps:

  • Submit the Directed Reading Agreement form along with your plan of study and instructor permission to the Director of Graduate Studies, the Director of Student Affairs and Registrar at the Jackson Institute.
  • Once approved, please add the course in OCS as GLBL 799, if working with Jackson Institute Senior Fellow, or as GLBL 999, if working with Yale faculty.