Enrollment Instructions Spring 2022

Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (GSAS)

Spring term classes begin: Tuesday, January 25.
Spring term online course selection period: January 12-February 4

Courses in your worksheet are automatically added to your profile on canvas, allowing you to receive critical announcements.

  • Submit Jackson’s Law & MGT Course Tracker Form if you are planning to enroll in any LAW/MGT courses.
  • Meet with the Director of Student Affairs or Director of Graduate Studies to discuss and revise your course selections.
  • If applicable, remove courses you are no longer planning to take.
  • Submit course worksheet online by the end of course selection period.
  • You may  add/drop/audit courses after the course selection period closes by submitting the GSAS Course Schedule Change Form  (please select Course Schedule Change Form)
  • The deadline to add/drop/audit a course will be announced.

Note: If there is a GLBL graduate number (500 or higher), enroll under that number. If there is no GLBL number, it is easiest to enroll under another GSAS department number

Jackson Graduate Seminars

Spring term classes begin: Tuesday, January 25.
Spring term online course selection period: January 12-February 4.

January 10-14: Individual Advising Meetings with Lily & Marnix
January 18-21: Individual Advising Meetings with Lily & Marnix
January 18: Deadline to submit a brief paragraph of interest in a Jackson course.
January 20: Faculty  communicate final decisions to students.
January 21: Students confirm their intent to enroll.
January 21 onward: Wait list shuffling.

School of Management

Spring term classes begin: Monday, January 24,
Spring term courses held online until February 7
Spring drop period ends: Monday, January 31

  • SOM elective courses can be found here.
  • Request to access course (s) on canvas. Form opens on January 10.
  • Email the course instructor to request permission to enroll.
  • Request to enroll in a SOM course . Request to enroll form opens on January 17. Important: When the enrollment request form opens you must change your status from “visitor/shopper” to “request to enroll”. Please read the SOM instructions carefully as you are responsible for understanding the rules of each SOM elective course.
  • Once approved by SOM, the Graduate School registrar will add the course to your schedule.

Disclaimer: You will be billed for SOM course materials distributed in class or via Canvas. The fee is $15 for a 1/2 semester course and $30 for a full semester course.

Credit conversion
4 SOM units = 1 GSAS Credit
2 SOM units = 0.5 GSAS Credit

Please submit Jackson’s Law & MGT Tracker Form so that we know which Law/MGT classes you are planning to take.

The Law School

Spring term classes begin: Tuesday, January 24
Spring add/drop period ends: Tuesday, January 31 at 8:30am

  • Non-Law students may only take one LAW course per semester unless the course is cross-listed with GLBL.
  • YSL Spring courses can be found here.
  • Email the course instructor and ask for permission to enroll.
  • Complete the Request to Take a Law School Course form (opens January 11).
  • The form will be routed to the instructor of the course, and GSAS registrar before being returned to the YLS Registrar’s Office for approval. Once approved, YSL will send the form to GSAS registrar who will enroll you in the course. More information about the process is available on YSL website.

Please submit Jackson’s Law & MGT Tracker Form so that we know which Law/MGT classes you are planning to take.

Yale School of the Environment (YSE)

Spring term classes begin: Tuesday, January 25.
Add/drop ends: Friday, January 28.

  • Request instructor permission to enroll in a YSE course.
  • If applicable, follow specific course application instructions.
  • Add YSE courses in OCS as you would add GSAS classes.
  • You may request enrollment in a course starting January 10.
Yale College

To receive graduate credit for an undergraduate course, follow these steps:

  • Add the undergraduate course to your worksheet
  • Complete the graduate credit request form after registration closes
  • If the course offers discussion sections, please check with the Jackson registrar regarding adding discussion sections to your schedule.

Language courses do not require a petition for graduate credit.

Note that Yale College students registered for courses early. If you would like a seat in an undergraduate seminar, it is advised to email the instructor to express interest and request a seat.

Directed Reading

If you have interests that cannot be addressed through regular graduate-level courses, you may arrange a directed reading or independent project with a faculty member or Senior Fellow for graduate credit. Usually limited to one per semester, these courses may involve reading the literature on a topic, attending a lecture or seminar series, and writing a substantial research paper. It is your responsibility to make all of the arrangements  before the semester begins.

To enroll in directed reading follow these steps:

  • Submit the signed Directed Reading Agreement form along with your plan of study and instructor permission to the Director of Student Affairs, Director of Graduate Studies, and Registrar at the Jackson Institute.
  • Once approved, please add the course in OCS as GLBL 799, if working with Jackson Institute Senior Fellow, or as GLBL 999, if working with Yale faculty.