Graduate Certificate of Concentration in Global Health

All Yale University graduate and professional students, except those in the global health concentration at Yale School of Public Health, may pursue the Graduate Certificate of Concentration in Global Health as part of their degree program.

This certificate allows Yale students to develop expertise and demonstrate competence in Global Health and provides recognition that a student has completed interdisciplinary study and integrative research to address fundamental and applied economic, political, social, cultural, and scientific issues relevant to global health.

Students are expected, in consultation with the Global Health Faculty Advisor, to develop a coherent plan of courses and research that focuses on a specific significant Global Health issue that requires an interdisciplinary perspective (e.g, health and human rights, the worldwide obesity epidemic, economic development and tropical diseases). Often this focal issue will be studied in the context of a particular region of the world (e.g., East Asia, Latin America, sub-Saharan Africa) or comparatively across countries or regions.

We expect that students pursuing the certificate will engage with the community of scholars and practitioners working on Global Health at Yale and around the world, demonstrating the ability and cultural sensitivity to work with them in languages beyond English. Overseas field experience in Global Health is also highly desirable.

Six Courses in the Area of Global Health Studies

Students must complete six courses that are approved by the Global Health Faculty Advisor in the area of Global Health. Each academic year the Faculty Advisor will provide a list of courses that will count towards this six course requirement. However, the Faculty Advisor will not simply provide a list of approved courses and allow students to choose any six for the Certificate. We require that, in consultation with the Faculty Advisor, students organize their course selection around the chosen focal issue within Global Health. Courses not included on the list of eligible courses may count toward the Certificate only with the prior approval of the Faculty Advisor.

  • No more than four courses may be from any one discipline or School.
  • Two courses must be from the School of Public Health.
  • A minimum grade of High Pass must be attained for a course to count toward the certificate.
  • Only graduate or professional school courses taken during the degree program at Yale may count toward the certificate. Undergraduate courses may not count.
  • Up to two courses may be directed readings or independent study courses.
Language Proficiency

Candidates must demonstrate proficiency in one relevant language other than English. The language should be either a major world language relevant to Global Health or one of the main working languages of the region on which the candidate is focusing. Language proficiency must encompass reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills plus grammar. Students may demonstrate proficiency by completing two years of language study at Yale with a grade of High Pass or better, by testing at Yale, or by other means as approved by the Faculty Advisor. The graduate reading exam is not sufficient.

Research Requirement

Students must write a substantial interdisciplinary research paper. This paper must demonstrate the ability to use interdisciplinary resources in Global Health, including, where appropriate, field research, primary sources, data analysis, and non-English sources. Students are strongly encouraged, but not required, to collect primary data for their paper through field research abroad. The paper may be written in the context of such a research experience (generally a summer internship or research project under the guidance of a faculty mentor); a course; or a thesis, provided that it is interdisciplinary.

Candidates must seek approval from the Faculty Advisor for the research paper no later than the fourth week of the semester in which they plan to complete it. Students are asked to list two faculty members who have agreed to read the paper (one of whom may be the faculty member teaching the course if the paper is being written for a course). The readers will evaluate the paper for the quality of research, interdisciplinary nature of the research, knowledge of the relevant literature, and depth of analysis. The paper must be fully footnoted and have a complete bibliography. All faculty readers must approve the paper as meeting the Certificate research requirement.

If the paper is of sufficient quality, the Faculty Advisor may submit it for publication in the Jackson Institute’s Global Health Working Paper Series.

Engagement with the Yale Global Health Community

We expect that students pursuing the Global Health Certificate will engage with the community of scholars and practitioners working on Global Health issues at Yale, including participating in the Global Health Seminar whenever possible, in events and seminars related to Global Health at the MacMillan Center and elsewhere at Yale, and where appropriate, in the Global Health Research Working Group. Students are also encouraged to develop links with the larger policy and scholarly networks for Global Health worldwide.

Other Certificates

While Jackson only offers the Global Health Certificate, our graduate students may pursue certificates in other areas of study through other departments at Yale.

For example, the Yale MacMillan Center’s Council on Middle East Studies offers a Graduate Certificate of Concentration in Middle East Studies. Graduate and professional students currently enrolled in an advanced degree at Yale are eligible. Learn more about the certificate