Earlier this week, Jackson undergrads gathered at Horchow Hall for the unveiling of the senior capstone project clients for Fall 2017.

Working in small groups and overseen by a Yale faculty member, Global Affairs seniors complete a public policy project on behalf of a client, which can be government agencies, not-for-profits, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), and private sector entities in the United States and abroad. For each course, the Jackson Institute works with the client to formulate a project that is appropriate and mutually beneficial. The program is designed to give the seniors hands-on public policy experience, and to give clients an opportunity to benefit from an independent analysis of an existing or prospective policy, initiative, or area of concern.

In Fall 2017, our Global Affairs seniors will complete public policy projects for the UN High Commission for Refugees; the International Organization for Migration; the Clinton Health Access Initiative; Big Win Philanthropy; UNICEF; and the International Finance Corporation.

See full descriptions of each capstone project here.