Speakers included Dr. Julio Frenk and Professor Robert Hecht

Dr. Julio Frenk, president of the University of Miami and former Minister of Health of Mexico and former Dean of the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, gave a lively and engaging presentation, “Creating a Stronger Global Response to Covid-19.”

During the Oct. 9 discussion, Dr. Frenk analyzed central patterns of government response to Covid-19, including differences in valuing scientific expertise, connections of government response to populist sentiment, and considerations of gender in leaders’ management of Covid-19. He offered lessons for global cooperation during international outbreaks through the development of new technologies, rapid deployment groups, and legal and institutional enforcement frameworks.

The Q&A—moderated by Robert Hecht, Professor of Clinical Epidemiology at Yale—included several thoughtful questions, including one from Ernesto Zedillo, the Frederick Iseman ’74 Director of the Yale Center for the Study of Globalization and former President of Mexico.

Following the public webinar, Dr. Frenk also participated in an interactive Q&A session with the Global Health Scholars. 

Dr. Frenk was the inaugural speaker for the Global Health Speaker Series, presented by the Global Health Studies Program

Watch a recording of the event