Agni Mishra currently serves as Vice-President at Bank of Montreal (BMO) Capital Markets in Toronto, Canada, where he is responsible for monitoring, advising, and advocacy on US policies and regulations. Since graduating from Jackson, Agni has worked across the US and Canada at the intersection of public policy, finance, and global affairs, helping financial organizations navigate through major policy developments relevant to the financial sector, while also engaging with key policymakers and corporate leaders to advocate on key financial topics

Prior to Jackson, Agni's global policy experience included working with Global Affairs Canada to advance Sino-Canadian relations with the Canadian consulate in Shanghai, China. He then worked with the Government of Alberta to advance Alberta's market access to Asian economies, strengthen Alberta's immigration policy framework, and augment Alberta's sustainable energy program by contributing to policy development in Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS).

At Jackson, Agni undertook a rigorous interdisciplinary curriculum focusing on global diplomacy, finance and economics, leadership, grand strategy, and courses on Asian economies such as China and India. He briefly interned for the Brookings Institution where he advanced the foreign policy department's Asia-oriented research and engagement efforts.

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