Tuition & Funding

While fellowship funding is not available for M.A.S candidates, students may apply for loans.

Student Work

Both the Jackson School and the wider Yale community offer numerous paid positions for student work, including teaching fellowships and research and course assistantships. Available Jackson School research assistant and teaching fellow positions are advertised and selected candidates hired through the academic services & registrar offices.

On-Campus Jobs

Both U.S. and international students are eligible to work on campus earning $12.25-$14.25 per hour for up to 20 hours per week. On campus jobs can be found at:

Research Assistant

Both U.S. and international students are eligible to be a research assistant. In this position, the student assists a Jackson Senior Fellow or Yale faculty member in conducting research, often as part of a book project or an ongoing research study. Salaries and work hours per week (no more than 20) are agreed upon between the Senior Fellow/faculty and student.

Teaching Fellowship

Both U.S. and international students are eligible to be a Teaching Fellow at Jackson and other departments across the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. As a Teaching Fellow, the student may be expected to grade papers, lead discussions, and hold office hours, earning either $4,000 (up to 10 hours work/week) or $8,000 (up to 20 hours work/week) per semester.

Student Loans

Loans are available by application through the Jackson School Office of Financial Aid for both U.S. and international students (

Cost of Education, 2024-2025 (9 months)

Fixed Costs

  • Tuition: $60,600
  • Student Activity Fee: $200
  • Medical: $3,112*

Estimated Living Costs

  • Housing and Food: $20,070
  • Academic Supplies: $1,440
  • Personal: $2,367
  • Transportation: $2,223

*Yale University requires students to carry hospitalization insurance. Students with alternate hospitalization insurance may waive Yale Health coverage.