What We Do



Maurice R. Greenberg World Fellows Program

The World Fellows Program selects international leaders—who are from different places, backgrounds, and disciplines and who are committed to making the world a better place—to spend a semester in residence together at Yale to grow intellectually, share knowledge, strengthen skills and expand networks.

Yale Emerging Climate Leaders Fellowship

The Yale Emerging Climate Leaders Fellowship will offer an opportunity for 16 future leaders from the Global South in the clean energy and climate change field to broaden their technical skills, deepen their professional networks, and exchange views with top global clean energy and climate change leaders. This new eight-month, three-part initiative—based out of the ILC with partners throughout the university—will launch in Fall 2022. Learn more

Petraeus-Recanati-Kaplan Fellowship

The PRK Fellowship enables experienced, carefully selected military special operators to gain a deeper understanding of global affairs, to engage intellectually with different perspectives, to develop relationships with future leaders across the diplomatic, development, defense and civil society communities, and to expand international networks in order to deliver more comprehensive responses to global challenges. The Fellows study for a one-year Master of Advanced Study in Global Affairs at the Yale Jackson School. The PRK fellows also organize an annual Special Operations Forces Conference (SOFCON).


The ILC signature courses are:

Gateway to Global Affairs

This undergraduate lecture course brings together faculty, World Fellows and other practitioners to discuss the international system and norms; conflict resolution and peace-building; counter-terrorism and counter-insurgency; fragile states and forced migration; nuclear proliferation and new technologies; democracy and authoritarianism; world order and climate change.

Good Society Seminar

In this seminar, World Fellows discuss how they contribute professionally to building the ‘good society’; set out their future goals; identify ways to support each other; and initiate future collaboration.

Great Power Competition and Cooperation Seminar

This graduate seminar explores competition between US, China, Russia and middle powers; and potential cooperation across climate, security, economy, cyber, and global health.

Rethinking Special Operations

For the last two decades, Special Operating Forces have led the fight against terrorism. But with the pivot towards Great Power Competition, and with many challenges affecting stability, this graduate seminar explores the potential role of Special Operations Forces in the 21st century.

Town and Gown Seminar

The Town and Gown Seminar examines the state of town-gown relationships and their repercussions on the cultivation of a good society – from New Haven to the world.