Global Health Studies Program Requirements

Global Health Scholars complete an interdisciplinary course of study, encompassing biological, cultural, economic, historical, political, and social issues relevant to global health. The program provides students with the opportunity to comprehensively interrogate critical topics in global health.

Required Curriculum
  1. HLTH 230: Global Health: Challenges and Responses (required, any year)
  2. Global Health Colloquium (required, senior year)
  3. Four elective courses that, together with the student’s major, allow the student to achieve global health competencies across the following themes:
  • Biological & Environmental Influences on Health
  • Health & Societies
  • Historical Approaches
  • Performance, Representation & Health
  • Political Economy & Governance in Health
  • Understanding & Interpreting Quantitative Data

To achieve the six global health competencies, a Scholar’s major and GHS electives contribute in the following ways:

For single majors: 

  • Two of six competencies are met automatically through the major. 
  • The other four competencies are met through GHS electives that do not overlap with the requirements for the major.

 For double majors: 

  • Four of six competencies are met through the majors (two for each major). 
    • Two of these courses need to demonstrate coverage of global health, within either major (through the course title, description, or syllabus). 
  • The final two competencies are met through GHS electives that do not overlap with either major.

Scholars are expected to register their majors and elective courses with the GHS Program Manager.