Frequently Asked Questions

Admissions Decisions
How will I receive an official decision notification about my application for admission?
You will receive a notification email when a decision is ready for you, typically in mid-March. The email will instruct you to check your Application Status Portal for an update about your application. Decisions are only available in the Application Status Portal, and Admissions staff cannot release any decisions over the phone or by email. We do not mail hard copies of admissions decisions through the mail, but you may download and print a copy of your decision letter from your Application Status Portal.
I was offered admission. How do I respond to the offer?
Please fill out the “Reply to Offer of Admission” form in your Application Status Portal.
I was not offered admission and want to re-apply next year. Does the Admissions Office retain my application and supplemental materials?
We may retain your application year to year, but you will nevertheless need to submit a new application each time, including all required materials and the application fee.
I was not offered admission and want to speak to someone about this. Whom do I contact?
Unfortunately, we are not able to provide individual feedback on admissions decisions or give an accurate assessment of a candidate's future competitiveness.
Can I defer an offer of admission to a later date?
Jackson will consider deferral requests only in cases of extreme hardship or illness, military deployment, or inability to travel to the U.S. due to visa restrictions or complications. Requests are considered on a case-by-case basis and should be addressed to Assistant Dean Asha Rangappa.
Application Process
I am currently an undergraduate student, may I still apply?
Current undergraduate students are permitted to apply to Jackson, but unless you are applying as part of a globally-focused fellowship or similar program, we strongly recommend having 1-2 years of postgraduate work experience before applying.
How do I apply for a visa?
The Office of International Students and Scholars (OISS) serves as the immigration adviser for all entering international students and their accompanying family members. Beginning in March, OISS will contact you with the necessary visa and immigration information, if you have been admitted and accepted Yale's offer of admission.
Does Jackson Admissions offer webinars?
Jackson Admissions hosts online chats for prospective students during the fall admissions season and over the summer. The webinars provide an overview of the admissions process and a Q&A session with admissions staff. Visit our admissions events page for a list of upcoming sessions. You can also view past webinars on our archive page.
When is the deadline for submitting applications?
The deadline for M.P.P. applications is January 2, 11:59pm EST. The deadline for M.A.S. applications is November 1, 11:59pm EST. It is strongly advised to submit applications well before the deadline in order to avoid the possibility of technical issues in accessing the application; for any technical issues, please email
How can I apply for an application fee waiver, if I meet the eligibility requirements?

To encourage early applications, Jackson will waive the application fee for all M.P.P. applications received by December 1. A form is not required to receive the waiver. No preference will be given to early applications.

M.P.P. applicants may still apply until the January 2 deadline, but the fee will not be waived automatically for applications submitted after 11:59 pm EST on December 1. For more information, see Application Fees and Fee Waivers.

Where can I find further information on how to prepare and submit my application?
You can find the list of required application materials here. When preparing the application, all applicants should also review our Frequently Asked Questions. You must submit your application via Jackson's application portal. Do not email or mail any application materials.
Application Questions
I need technical support with the application.
If you are experiencing a technical issue with the application, we suggest trying a different browser, such as Google Chrome or Firefox. Our application software is least compatible with Safari. If you continue to experience issues, please email and we will do our best to help you troubleshoot.
I have created a duplicate application/account. How can I delete it?
A duplicate application occurs when you have previously created an application account and then mistakenly create another using modified credentials. Duplicate applications are not permitted and we will systematically consolidate duplicate accounts.
Can I withdraw my application?
Yes. You may withdraw your application prior to receiving an admissions decision, however, please note that application fees are non-refundable. To withdraw your application, please email us at You must email us from the email account you applied with.
How do I convert my GPA?
You may self-report a GPA and GPA scale in the “Academic History” section of the application. Please do not convert or recalculate your GPA, and if your college or university does not report or compute a GPA, you should omit it.
I need to revise my statement of purpose, resume or supplemental materials but have already submitted my application. What should I do?
You may upload an updated resume or supplemental materials via your Status Portal. Please note that if you are uploading materials after the deadline, there is no guarantee these materials will be seen by the Admissions Committee. Uploading items via your status portal does not overwrite existing application materials so it would be helpful if you note "revised" within the document.
How do I check the status of my application to see if my letters of recommendation and/or standardized test scores have been received by your office?
Before You Submit Your Application: You will see the status of these materials within the “Test Scores” or “Recommendations” tab of your application. You do not need to delay submitting your application because of pending letters of recommendation or pending official test scores. It is acceptable for letters of recommendation and official test scores to arrive after you submit your application, and up to a few days after the application deadline. After You Submit Your Application: Upon submitting your application and after paying your application fee, you will use your Application Status Portal to check for the receipt of official test scores or letters of recommendation.
Can I submit supplemental materials before I submit my application?
All materials in support of your application must be uploaded to your application prior to submitting your application. Do not mail any materials to the Admissions Office, as any such materials will be discarded.
I am having difficulty uploading supplemental materials. What should I do?
Documents uploaded to your application may not exceed 16MB max. Reduce the size of your document and try uploading it again.
I am an international applicant. Are there different application requirements for me?
International applicants have the same general requirements as all other applicants. TOEFL, IELTS, or Cambridge English scores are required of almost all applicants whose native language is not English. You can see those requirements on our Standardized Testing Requirements page.
Many of my application materials are not in English. What should I do?
All academic records and letters of recommendation uploaded to your application must be in English or accompanied by a translation to English.
Do I need to have a bachelor’s degree to enroll at Jackson?
All entering students must have earned a bachelor's degree or its international equivalent prior to enrolling at Jackson. You may submit an application before receiving your degree, or while your degree is still in progress, so long as the degree will be completed prior to matriculation. Some countries grant an undergraduate or bachelor's-equivalent degree in three years. In such cases, completion of a three-year degree will meet the application requirement.
Can I apply to more than one program at Jackson?
No. You can apply to only one degree program per academic year.
Can I enroll in the spring semester?
No spring term entry is permitted. Application for admission begins in the summer or fall of the academic year prior to the one in which you propose to matriculate. Please submit your application by the deadline.
I am reapplying. What do I need to do?
You should submit a new application, including all required materials, new letters of recommendation, and payment for the application fee. For M.P.P. applicants, the application fee will be waived if you apply by December 1. If you previously sent official test scores to the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, you will need to request them to be sent to Jackson. See our Standardized Testing Requirements for details.
I am unable to access or load the application website. What can I do?
If you have tried a different browser already, you might then try using VPN, a different network, a different computer, or a smart phone to access the website. In some isolated cases, local networks appear to be blocking access to the application website, but using a different network or phone should resolve the issue.
Will the Jackson admissions committee take into account academic disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic?

Recognizing the challenges to teaching and learning during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Provost and Deans of Yale University adopted the following principle: 

Yale’s admissions offices for graduate and professional schools evaluate applicants holistically and will take the significant disruptions of COVID-19 into account when reviewing students’ transcripts. In particular, we will respect decisions regarding the adoption of Credit/Fail and other grading options during this unprecedented period, whether they are made by institutions or by individual students.

I haven’t taken any Economics classes. May I still apply?

Applicants do not need to have taken Economics in order to apply and be eligible for admission. The core Economics course does require basic knowledge in economics and calculus. A diagnostic exam before the first year will determine if students need to take a prerequisite foundational economics course in the fall of the first year to prepare themselves for this course.

Jackson Curriculum
How long does it take to complete a joint degree?
The joint degree would mean doing one semester less for each degree program you have applied for. This effectively reduces the total program of study by a year.
How do I do a joint degree?

As a joint degree candidate, a student can earn two degrees in two semesters fewer than if the degrees were pursued separately. With the exception of the M.P.P./J.D. program, this is three years.

Candidates must apply, and be admitted to, each school separately. Candidates can apply simultaneously at the outset or to the second program once they have matriculated in one of the programs at Yale.

Candidates are expected to spend the first year in Global Affairs and one semester of the second year in the partner program. During the final year, students register with each program for one semester, although they may take courses from both programs either term.

Am I limited to taking Jackson courses for the remainder of the program?
No. One of the unique features of Jackson’s program is your ability to choose from courses at any school or department from across the University. The full course catalog is available here. Jackson students also get preference for courses offered at Jackson.
Are core courses required as part of the M.P.P. program?

Jackson’s M.P.P. requires only four core courses:

  • GLBL 802 - Applied Methods of Analysis (Fall, first year)
  • GLBL 805 - Comparative Politics for Global Affairs (Fall of first or second year)
  • GLBL 803 - History and Global Affairs (Spring, first year)
  • GLBL 804 - Economics for Global Affairs (Spring, first year) Requires basic knowledge in economics and calculus. A diagnostic exam before the first year will determine if students need to take a prerequisite foundational economics course in the fall of the first year to prepare themselves for this course.
Students are able to choose classes from across the university for the remaining terms. Please refer to the current course catalogue for further information.
Language Requirements
I am a native English speaker and do not speak a second language. How can I meet the foreign language proficiency that is part of the graduation requirement?
Students can take language courses at Yale, but if you have no foreign language experience it can be difficult to meet the proficiency by graduation. Enrolling M.P.P. students may be eligible for Jackson-sponsored language classes at the Middlebury Summer School to be taken the summer before enrollment. To qualify for a Jackson-sponsored language classes at the Middlebury Language School during the summer preceding your first year at Jackson, you need to fulfill the following three conditions: (1) All your academic instruction has been in English (2) You have had, at most, one semester of foreign language instruction in college (3) You do not speak any other language than English You will be able to demonstrate these conditions in your application. Note: Indicating need for language classes will not in any way affect your chances of admission, this question is only for planning purposes.
How do I demonstrate that I am already proficient in a foreign language?
For native English speakers, we require you to leave Yale University with the equivalent of foreign language proficiency at the L4 level - essentially the intermediate level, ready for the advanced level. To fulfill this requirement, there are three options. You would: 1) need to show a 3rd year language course on your college transcript; 2) complete a full second year language course (L4) at Yale; or 3) take a language proficiency exam at Yale and place into L5 (advanced level). Note that you can choose to earn up to four credits (or two years) of language towards your Jackson degree if you would like to continue your language study. If you are a joint-degree candidate, you can earn up to two credits toward the Jackson degree requirements.
Do I have to speak a second language to apply?
Applicants do not need to be proficient in a second language in order to apply and be eligible for admission. However, we require that all admitted M.P.P. students reach a level of foreign language proficiency as part of the graduation requirement.
Letters of Recommendation
Will Yale Jackson accept letters of recommendation from a dossier service such as Interfolio?
Yes. We will accept letters of recommendation from Interfolio or other dossier services that have the ability to upload a letter directly to our online recommendation system on behalf of a recommender. In such cases, please enter the dossier service-specific email address provided by the recommender when adding a recommender for your application.
I have been out of school for some time. May my recommenders be those who can attest to my professional work?
Yes, however, we suggest that at least one recommendation should address your academic abilities and skills, such as analytical thinking, etc. An academic reference is more important if there are weaknesses in an applicant's academic record.
One of my recommenders did not receive an email or is having trouble accessing the online recommendation system. What should they do?
Once you enter your recommender’s information (including email address) and select “Send to Recommender,” an email is automatically generated and sent to them. If your recommender does not receive the email, it is possible that their email provider is blocking the email. Make sure they check their junk/spam folders. You may try resending the email or excluding the recommender and adding them again with a different email address.
Can recommendations arrive after the deadline?
Yes, but the admissions committee begins reviewing applications immediately following the program deadline. Recommendations should be submitted within a week of the deadline to ensure full consideration.
I applied by December 1 to receive the application fee waiver, do my recommendations and test scores have to also be submitted by December 1?
No. Submitted recommendations and official test scores can come in by the January 2 deadline even if you submitted your portion of the application by December 1. You will still need to register your three recommenders and self-report test scores in order to submit your application.
How does the recommendation process work?
When you fill out an application, you will be asked to enter contact information for your recommenders. Your recommenders will then receive a notification email with instructions for uploading their letter. Letters of recommendation will be automatically attached to your application as soon as they are submitted. You may view the status of letters of recommendation within your application or from your Application Status Portal.
How many recommendation letters are required?
Three. A combination of academic and professional recommendations is preferred.
One of my recommenders wishes to submit the recommendation for me in paper form only. Is that OK?
Unfortunately, no. We will only accept letters submitted online. If your recommender is only willing to provide a paper letter, you may want to consider a different recommender as paper letters will not be considered.
Can I add a recommender after I submit my application?
From your Application Status Portal, you will be able to remind, add, or exclude a recommender. This feature is no longer available once the minimum required number of recommendations (3) has been received.
Can I delete a recommender?
Yes, you may “Exclude” a recommender from within your application or on your Application Status Portal, as long as they have not started or submitted their recommendation.
I started an application last year and requested letters of recommendation that were submitted. I did not, however, submit my application. Can those letters be attached to the new application I will be preparing for this coming year?
Unfortunately, no. You will have to identify your recommenders again in your current year application. Your recommenders will have to submit recommendations again.
Do you recommend submitting more than three letters of recommendation?
You should submit more than three letters of recommendation only if you strongly feel that additional recommendations would add significantly to your application.
Scholarships and Funding
I am an international student, am I eligible for funding from Jackson?
Yes. Jackson’s funding is merit-based. To be considered for aid, M.P.P. applicants simply check the box in the Financial Aid section of the application that indicates interest in financial aid. A separate financial aid application is not required.
Are there opportunities to earn money during the academic year?
Yes. Many Jackson students take advantage of the opportunity to become a Research Assistant or Teaching Assistant at Jackson or in other departments across the University. More details here
How do I apply for the fellowships listed on the Jackson website?
Simply check the box on the application indicating that you would like to be considered for financial assistance. You will automatically be considered for any source of funding for which you are eligible.
Does Jackson offer funding?
Yes. Jackson offers generous funding on a merit basis to M.P.P. students. Awards typically range from full tuition to full tuition plus a stipend. The details of funding awards are provided at the time of admission. (Read more here) M.A.S. students are not eligible for funding from Jackson.
Standardized Testing Requirements
Is there a minimum GRE score required for admission?
My scores will expire before I am ready to submit my application. What should I do?
Please submit your official scores to us as soon as possible, perhaps even before starting or submitting your application. When we receive your scores, we will store them in our database and they will match with your application when you apply. Once your scores expire you will not be able submit official scores and you may have to re-take the examination. If, at the time of application, your GRE scores will be more than 5 years old you will need to retake the GRE. Submitting invalid scores may reduce your chances of admission. If, at the time of application, your TOEFL scores will be more than 2 years old you will need to retake the TOEFL. Submitting invalid scores may reduce your chances of admission.
If I took a required examination, but my test score has expired, what should I do?
If your scores can no longer be released to us by the test score service, you may still self-report your old scores in your application. However, your application will be considered incomplete without official scores. Incomplete applications are eventually reviewed, but we prioritize reviewing complete applications first.
I am not able to take a required test before the application deadline. What should I do?
Enter a future test date in the “Test Scores” section of the application. This will allow you to submit your application. Self-reported scores are also required in order to submit your application. You can enter zeros as placeholders. We will add your official test scores to your application for review as soon as we receive them. Keep in mind your application will be considered incomplete without official scores. Incomplete applications are eventually reviewed, but we prioritize reviewing complete applications first.
My official test scores are missing from my application checklist. What is wrong?
First, confirm that you have asked the test agency to send your official scores to the Yale University Jackson School of Global Affairs, as follows: GRE: Institution Code 3388 TOEFL: Institution Code D100 IELTS: Submitted electronically to Yale University Jackson School of Global Affairs Cambridge English: Submitted electronically to Jackson School of Global Affairs If you sent your scores more than 7-10 business days prior, please double check that your scores were not sent to a different code or a different professional school at Yale. We are unable to transfer scores across schools at Yale, so you must use the correct code. If you have confirmed that your scores were sent to the correct code at least 7-10 days business days prior, but your scores still have not been marked as “received” in your application status portal, please email us with the following information: The name and email address you used to register for the test. The name and email address used on your application. A screenshot or other documentation from the test score service that your scores were sent to Yale University Jackson School of Global Affairs.
Due to the impact of COVID-19, will you accept remote- or home-based versions of the GRE and/or TOEFL?
If no other option is available, you may send official scores from the GRE® General Test at Home and TOEFL iBT Special Home Edition for review. Please follow the instructions on our Standardized Testing Requirements page when sending your scores.
Will you accept the TOEFL Essentials, TOEFL ITP Plus for China, or the IELTS Indicator?
No. If you are required to take an English language test, please take either the TOEFL iBT, the IELTS Academic, or the Cambridge English C1 Advanced or C2 Proficiency. We will also accept TOEFL My Best Score.
I applied by December 1 to receive the application fee waiver, do my recommendations and test scores have to also be submitted by December 1?
No. Submitted recommendations and official test scores can come in by the January 2 deadline even if you submitted your portion of the application by December 1. You will still need to register your three recommenders and self-report test scores in order to submit your application.
If I have a Master’s degree that was conducted in English, would that exempt me from the TOEFL/IELTS/Cambridge requirement?
No. For non-native English speakers, in order to be exempt from submitting TOEFL, IELTS, or Cambridge English test scores, applicants must have received a baccalaureate degree or its foreign equivalent, prior to matriculation at Yale, from a university or college where English is the primary language of instruction. Applicants must have studied in residence at the baccalaureate institution for at least three (3) years to receive the waiver. You can find more information on our standardized testing requirements here.
If I am applying to a joint degree, do I still need to submit GRE scores?
Yes. Joint degrees are considered separate applications with separate application requirements.
Can I take the GRE and submit official test scores after the deadline?
Yes, but when you fill out an application for admission, you must self-report your required test results in the Test Score section of the application. Scores must still be officially sent to the Jackson Admissions office. You may also input any future test dates, as well. If you have not taken a required test yet, inputting a future test date and zeroes for scores will allow you to submit the application. Official scores may be sent to Admissions after the deadline but should be sent as soon as possible in order to ensure that your complete application can be reviewed by the Admissions Committee.
Can I submit more than one GRE score? Will the admissions committee consider only the highest score in that case?
You may submit multiple GRE scores if they are available. The Admissions Committee will consider the highest score(s) in reviewing your application.
Can the GRE requirement be waived?
Can I submit GMAT or LSAT scores in lieu of the GRE?
No, there is no substitution for the GRE. Note: an exception may be made for current Yale graduate students already enrolled in SOM or YLS and applying for a joint degree with Jackson.
What does final official transcript mean?
We define a final official transcript as a transcript received, by us, directly from the issuing institution that is properly signed/authenticated (whether on paper and still in the envelope or a certified electronic copy). If this transcript is in support of your baccalaureate degree granting institution, it must indicate the award of the baccalaureate degree (or its foreign equivalent). If this transcript is in support of an advanced degree program that you have completed at the same or another institution, it must indicate the award of that degree. If this transcript is in support of work taken in a non-degree program, it must contain all coursework taken. A final official transcript is only required if you have been offered admission and have accepted that offer. Specific instructions will be sent to incoming students in May. Please Note: Your final official transcript will be reviewed and compared to any transcript or academic record uploaded in support of your application and may also undergo independent verification.
My institution sends transcripts electronically. Are you able to accept them?
During the application process you must upload your academic record/transcript to your application yourself, which may take the form of an electronic transcript; however, please ensure no additional authentication is required to view the transcript, as this will cause problems with your upload. Following admission and acceptance of an offer of admission, you may request that your institution send your official electronic transcript to (Please Note: Transcripts sent to this address from applicants who have not accepted an offer of admission will be discarded.)
My institution does not issue a traditional transcript or a record of my academic performance reflecting courses, credits, and grades. What should I do?
You should upload the academic performance document that your institution typically issues.
May I upload a diploma or certificate of achievement or other non-academic record document?
Yes, if you feel they positively support your application, you may upload these as an Additional Document when you apply. Do not upload diplomas or certificates in the Academic History section in lieu of a transcript or academic record.
Do I need to upload a transcript from my student abroad program?
A separate transcript from the study abroad institution is not required if the information also appears on your home institution’s transcript. You may upload a copy of your home institution transcript to reflect your study abroad coursework. If your home institution transcript does not reflect your study abroad coursework, then you should upload a separate transcript from the study abroad institution.
My transcript has been evaluated by a credential evaluation service. Can that evaluation be uploaded in lieu of my transcript?
Yes. The evaluation must contain course and grade information, however. Please note, that if you are offered admission and accept that offer, an original transcript will be required directly from the issuing institution.
Fall term grades are now available. How can I report them to you?
Fall term grades, or a copy of your updated transcript, may be uploaded via your Application Status Portal after you submit your application.
The academic record I have from my school SIS Portal does not contain the name of my school nor does it have a transcript legend. Is that a problem?
No. While it is strongly preferred that any academic record you upload to your application contain the institution name and a ‘legend,’ we understand that this is not always possible for academic records from institutional portals. If you have or can obtain an unofficial copy of your transcript, you can upload that instead.
My academic record from my institution’s SIS Portal has an error in a course grade. Can I correct this error?
No. You should not attempt to modify the information reflected on the academic record downloaded from your institution’s SIS Portal. If there are errors, you must have those errors corrected before downloading the record. You may also provide explanations in the Additional Information section of your application.
Should I send in, or have sent in, an official transcript in support of my application?
No, a traditional paper or electronic transcript is neither required nor necessary for the review of your application. Instead, please upload an unofficial transcript or other copy of your academic record, as described above. We do not accept transcripts sent via post or email during the initial application review process. All documentation must be uploaded directly to your application.
I am not able to upload a copy of my transcript. May I send it to you via e-mail or upload a self-prepared transcript?
No. Please upload a copy of your academic record/scanned copy of your transcript, which is required in order to submit your application. We are unable to accommodate and will not accept/process transcripts sent to us via mail or email whether from an applicant or from an institution. Do not self-prepare your own transcript as it will be disregarded.
My uploaded transcript already indicates the award of the baccalaureate or advanced degree. If I am admitted do I have to send another final transcript?
Yes. If you are offered admission, and you accept that offer, you must have the institution send us a copy of your final official transcript. Incoming students will receive more specific instructions starting in May.
Do I have to upload both the non-English and English translated transcript?
Yes. If your original transcript is in a language other then English, please upload both the original and the translation.
Where should I send my official transcript?
You should only send an official transcript if you have accepted an offer of admission.
Do I need to provide international transcript credential evaluations for my application?
International credential evaluations are not required for admission, but applicants completing their undergraduate and/or graduate degree(s) outside of the United States or Canada are encouraged to submit a transcript evaluation from World Education Services, Educational Credential Evaluators, or similar (transcripts from the People's Republic of China should be verified by China Credentials Verification). All verification reports and any academic records should be issued in the English language. Applicants are responsible for any fees associated with these evaluations. Those who are admitted and accept our offer of admission and decide to matriculate at the Jackson School of Global Affairs will be required to have their international credential evaluations sent directly to Jackson to fulfill the official transcript requirement for enrollment. Admitted students will receive those instructions at a later date. Official transcripts and credential evaluations should not be sent to Jackson during the application process; unofficial copies must be uploaded with your application.
What kind of transcript do I need to submit with my application?
When you complete an application for admission, you must upload a transcript or academic record for all colleges/universities you have attended. This may be an informal transcript that you download from your school’s information system, or it may be a transcript issued to you personally from your college/university registrar. All transcripts you upload to your application must include: your name, the institution name, course names and grade information, and any academic comments that would be a part of an official transcript. If you upload a PDF of an electronic transcript, please make sure no additional authentication is needed, as transcripts requiring authentication will not upload successfully. Do not submit an official transcript to us by mail. Mailed transcripts are unnecessary during the application process and will be discarded. Official transcripts will only be required for admitted students, and they will receive specific instructions about this after they have accepted an offer to enroll. Please note, if your transcript includes sensitive identifying information, such as your Social Security Number, you may redact this before scanning and uploading the transcript to your application.
What does unofficial transcript mean?
We define an unofficial transcript as any academic record you are in possession of, such as: A transcript issued to you. A record of your academic performance obtained from your institutions SIS portal. Please Note: All academic records uploaded to your online application are treated as unofficial.
Visiting Jackson and Speaking with Admissions
I’d like to connect with Admissions. What options are available?
Jackson's Office of Admissions conducts recruiting events in major cities and also hosts webinars and Visit Days in the fall. Please visit our Events page for a list of upcoming recruitment events and links to register.
I have additional questions. What’s the best way to get in touch?
If you have additional questions, please send all inquiries to Alternatively, you may fill out our web-based contact form.