About the Program

The GHS MAP is led and coordinated by Global Health Justice Partnership faculty, in partnership with the Global Health Studies Program Director (Kristina Talbert-Slagle), and with support from the Jackson Institute for Global Affairs.

Our Faculty Affiliates are an interdisciplinary group of scholars, researchers and practitioners in global health who offer advising and support to Global Health Scholars as they develop their interests and explore academic and professional opportunities in the field. A faculty advisory committee oversees the Global Health Studies Program. 

Synergies between the GHJP and the GHS MAP permit undergraduates better access to GHJP faculty and programming, and provide additional opportunities for events, advocates in residence, and interdisciplinary learning.

The GHS MAP provides students rigorous training in and engagement with skills and knowledge relevant to global health research and practice. Beyond the academic components, it also offers students the opportunity to build and learn from a rich, interdisciplinary community of peers, scholars, and advocates who convene and collaborate on social events, workshops, speaker series, and other extracurricular activities.

One of the new initiatives of the GHS MAP is the Advocates-in-Residence program, which brings leading advocates and practitioners working on diverse health issues to Yale for short stays.


About the Director

Kristina Talbert-Slagle

Kristina Talbert-Slagle is an assistant professor of General Internal Medicine at the Yale School of Medicine and a core faculty member at the Equity Research and Innovation Center. She also directs the Yale College Multidisciplinary Academic Program in Global Health and is a lecturer at the Jackson Institute for Global Affairs. She is a global health scholar and educator, focused on addressing health and educational disparities around the world through high-quality, interactive teaching and locally-appropriate and responsive scholarship and field programs. With doctoral training in genetics and virology and postdoctoral training in complex systems and global health management, she approaches her work, teaching, and mentorship through an interdisciplinary perspective.

Professor Talbert-Slagle is the faculty director for Health Management and Preclinical Education workforce capacity-building programs in Liberia, working closely with colleagues at Yale and in Liberia. She is also the Yale lead for an undergraduate medical education curriculum review at Liberia’s only medical school, A.M. Dogliotti College of Medicine. At Yale, she teaches a gateway global health course for undergraduate students, as well as seminars focused on global health research and practice, HIV/AIDS, and the role of water in infectious disease spread. In 2016, she was honored with the Yale Poorvu Family Award for Interdisciplinary Teaching. Professor Talbert-Slagle received her B.S. and B.A. degrees from the University of Kentucky and her Ph.D. from Yale University.


Teaching Postdoctoral Associates

Joseph Fauver is a Postdoctoral Associate in Global Health at Yale University. He is interested in increasing access to infectious disease surveillance globally with an emphasis on pathogen genomics and genomic epidemiology. Read his full bio

Steve D. Whittaker is a Postdoctoral Associate in Global Health at Yale University. His work focuses on examinations of health outcomes as influenced by climate change management, communication and disaster impact response among susceptible groups in uniquely vulnerable tropical locales. Read full bio

Program Manager

Poonam Daryani is the Clinical Fellow with the Yale Global Health Justice Partnership and the Program Manager for Yale College Multidisciplinary Academic Program in Global Health. As a Clinical Fellow, Poonam supports the research, advocacy, external partnerships, and programming of the GHJP, with a focus on gender and sexuality justice. Poonam also assists with program planning and coordination, curriculum development, and student support within the undergraduate Global Health Studies MAP. Her background includes building anti-oppression public health workshops, teaching in Malaysia as a Fulbright grantee, managing an India-based maternal health initiative, and reporting on the impacts of the Zika epidemic on caregivers in northeast Brazil as a Johns Hopkins-Pulitzer Center Reporting Fellow.

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